Saturday, December 05, 2009

Early Predictions for the Social Web in 2010-2011

2010/2011 Will Be the Year of...

  • The Social Web, Facebook will be a part of the fabric of the web (PC, mobile, xbox, PS3, iphone, etc.)
  • LAMP-"F" (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python, Facebook-connect)
  • Social Micro-Commerce: Facebook Connect + "Facebook Wallet" = Web Micro-Transactions at last (for light weight web content/services etc.)
  • First pure social game company to IPO (zynga) and people will finally realize that it is the most successful internet company in a first two/three year time window in every financial (revenues, profits) and reach metric (users)
  • Brands will start to clue into the power of viral marketing in the age of the "social web"
  • "Data Driven Design" and "Viral Engineering" will be memes used in the real world (and powered by Kontagent ;)

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