Monday, October 29, 2007

WTF is Web 3.0? 2.5? or Heck, even Web 2.0?

Attached is the recent keynote presentation that I gave at the recent OCE (ontario center of excellence) Mind to Market Series.

Thank you for to all those who actually paid to come hear me rant. I hope at least you found the breakfast/food to be decent. ;-)

I never had so many wireless mics hooked onto me at once... I counted 3 sets, which is pretty nuts (one for OCE, one for CBC Newsworld, and one for WNED - the public radio station for the Buffalo radio -- Go PBS/NPR/Public Radio!)

The day after this presentation was given was the first day that I think I got more than 4 hours of sleep in two weeks. Ah the joys of launching a new startup. Sometimes I do wonder I keep doing it...

Anyways, hope some of you will find this interesting. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the web X.0 term. But I roll with what people can relate with if it helps communicate a message and provides a framework to build from. Please don't hurt me for overusing the meme... we had a mix suit/geek audience, and it provided an easy way to put a framework around things.

Comments, insults, criticisms, heckles that you were too polite to throw at me in public/in person, and whatever else are welcomed!


[and a BIG thank you for everyone at OCE that was invovled in putting on the event - fyi, they DO not make money on the events - and to all those who dropped me an email - I AM catching up to my mail box... please be patient, thanks!)