Friday, June 27, 2008

Rogers + Jesus Phone (AKA: iPhone) w/ NO Unlimited Data = Lame

Jesus: Rogers, That Was Lame.

Damn, this is lame (article with better chart here).

Lack of unlimited data will kill mainstream consumption and stifle any real use/market of innovative data driven applications that make the new Jesus Phone a killer platform in Canada.

This is really really sad.

There will be some killer apps that will emerge on the v2 iPhone, but the lack of freedom and peace of mind that comes with having an unlimited data plan will kill the mainstream adoption of the iPhone and/or its 3rd party applications in Canada.

I guess not even Steve Jobs can bail us out of this crappy uncompetitive situation in the mobile environment that we have in this country.

I'm might just end up keeping my grandfathered/discontinued City-Fido Unlimited Voice/Data plan that costs ~ $130/month. Sure its dog slow on my GPRS/2.5G speed iPhone when surfing the web. But at least I don't have to worry about overages or being locked in for 3 years.

On the flip-side, I'm likely going to pick up another 3G modem from Telus which DOES give me unlimited data, and also data roaming in the US -- and stop borrowing my partner's Sprint 3G modem when traveling in the US.

Update: Just did a search for the unlimited Telus Data plans... WTF did they go?! Ah, I see from the comments section at MapleLeafTwo -- that they have killed the program recently. Did they do this in reaction to the lack of a threat from the 3G iphone Plan? God damnit. Sounds like some people got grandfathered in. If anyone can transfer their contract me to me, please ping.