Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Reminder: Kontagent Demoing at DemoCamp Today!

Looking forward to demoing Kontagent and reconnecting with some old DemoCamp friends and new commers alike.

Pretty amazing to think that DemoCamp is ver. 19.0 in Toronto.

I just found this link that speaks to the history of DemoCamp  (with an overly generous tid-bit of my contribution...).

Ironic story about DemoCamp was that it was really meant as a means for me to reconnect with the local community on a more regular basis, and an excuse to allow me to solict early feedback from my peers on BubbleShare during the earilest days of my previous startup.

Its now grown into 19th seperate events in Toronto due to David Crow, who has been the sole reason its continued to this day.

The concept which was a dervivied and insipred by BarCamp, amazingly the idea of DemoCamp has spread out to :

All of which were self organized (which I can take absolutely zero credit for).  Goes to show how great things can happen when you bring passionate people together that want to share their ideas and knowledge.

This is what we're hoping to do with more community events for the social network application development space, such as our Social Games Workshop and Hackathons (SF).

If there is sufficient interest, we'll also be launching a Toronto Kontagent Hackathon.  Please drop me a line here and/or directly if you're interested in attending one!

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