Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kontagent Hackathon Toronto

We're hosting a Hackathon this March 19th for all Facebook developers in Toronto that's interested in trying out and learning about Kontagent and analytics for Facebook.  The last one we held in SF was a fantastic, so we're hosting another one. This is the 2nd in a series that we'll be doing over the course of the year across many cities.  

We will providing consulting & instrumentation for Facebook App Developers that are using PHP and Rails!

This is a HANDS ON EVENT -- Please come prepared to hack (i.e. come with a laptop & access to your app) & get your app instrumented with free on-site support, software and feedback.

Students with FB Apps are welcome! 

Beers and Pizzas Avaiable.  

Looking forward to connecting with some Toronto FB Devs!  

There will be a capacity limit.  So please RSVP.  

Details and RSVP links are here.

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