Friday, February 27, 2009

Special Kontagent Facebook Developer Event in SF... Details Soon!!

Special Event on March 25th in SF
Kontagent will soon be hosting a large developer event on March 25th.  This is a follow on event to a private workshop that we hosted earlier with an unbelievable turnout with reps from Facebook, Google, Ohai, Serious Business/Friends4Sale, Playfish, ShuffleBrain and others -- with folks traveling in from LA/Amy Jo Kim [speaker of an awesome recent google talk here] to Beijing/Robin/XPDMedia [congrats on the series-A funding guys!]. 

Stay tuned for more info on this...!

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  1. Albert, when you're in SF we should meet up. I'm the co-founder of a funded gaming startup, GameStreamer. I've looked into what you're doing, very interesting.

    -Nathan Lands