Friday, February 27, 2009

3 Upcoming Events: Research Capital Workshop, DemoCamp19, and EngageExpo

Three event announcements...

1. Research Captial Social Gaming Workshop (w/ Austin Hill and Jon Walsh) / Toronto

I'll be speaking here this coming Tuesday:

Event is hosted by David Shore from Research Capital.

If you haven't seen David's amazing WEEKLY Web2.0 research report.  It includes a summary of all "web 2.0" private and public financing info and some very useful and deep financial data in the space) and highlights.   I have not seen anyone else anywhere go into the depth that he on the financial research side of the web2/social network/UGC and casual/social gaming space.  Do yourself a favor and hunt him down to get a report & subscription. 

It is an international report (with some AMAZING numbers from Asia -- highly complimentary to the awesome research on Asia's Social Networking community that Ben Joffie has done here), and it is better than any report I've seen in the US/Valley in its category.  Who ironically I'm hosting in SF for a few days just prior to the event with David -- so if you want to meet Ben in SF, he's on this side of the world for a limited time, catch him while you can. =)

I'll try to get a copy of it up here as well, and add some commentary soon.

2. DemoCamp 19 (!!!) / Toronto

Later in the day I'll be doing a talk at DemoCamp.

Thanks to David Crow, Toronto DemoCamp is a v19.0.  That's more versions than Oracle, and more sequals than Rocky.  Who could have guessed.   The DemoCamp/Toronto community owes David a huge debt for the great work he's done in rallying the alpha-geeks of our great city.

3. Engage Expo / NYC

Thanks to the Dan & Reuben at Virtual Greats/MillionsOfUs (an really cool "branded virtual goods" company), I'll be sharing a panel with Dan to talk about social games and virtual goods at teh Engage Expo.

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