Tuesday, July 08, 2008

JesusPhone: Does this mean Geotagged photos is FINALLY going to hit mainstream?

Exclusive: Sneak Peek of the 3G iPhone OS | Gadget Lab from Wired.com

iPhone + Photos + GPS = Killer Geo-Tagged Photo Platform/App?


For what its worth, going to try a new higher frequency blogging pattern with short spurts of thoughts. Partly inspired by my use of ScribeFire (an awesome in browser/firefox plug-in blog editor).


  1. Having spent 10+ years in the geo industry, it's good to see geo going mainstream. The traditional GEO (particularly GIS) software firms were way to protective on use of geo data and apps. Google, Apple and others are geo drivers of geo data and apps today. There was an LBS (location based services) initiative in the late 90's but it never materialized to it's potential until new players took part. Another example that data and apps can kickstart an industry.