Monday, July 21, 2008

The Future Of Mobile Entertainment on the iPhone

Check this great summary and review of the latest iPhone apps out.

One thing that I have noticed about this first wave of iPhone apps is the relatively high quality of the user experience and visual design as compared with the first wave of apps on Facebook (empahsis on first wave as the current "2nd wave" apps on facebook are now far more advanced than the original batch and many are competitive to whats on the iPhone now). 

I think this really speaks to the power of the Apple iPhone SDK and its amazing development community following.

The iPint was easily one of my favorite apps.  Not just because of its attention to detail and innovative use of the accelerometer, but also because it happens to be a great example of how a brand can leverage the iPhone platform to create fun and engaging branded experiences.

The iPhone is clearly an awesome platform for some very cool next gen gaming.

I do wonder how soon we'll have our first iPhone based Next Gen, Massively Multiple Player Online Game + Alternate Reality GeoCacheing type app that takes advantage of:

  1. Always-On Mobile Unlimited* Broadband for instant access to your in game character (*well, at least for countries with a competitive wireless carrier environment... Canada/Rogers )
  2. GPS for Geocaching Mini-Games and Tasks/Game Clan Building
  3. Social Networking and Viral Distribution Features that Take Advantage of Your "Social Graph" (AKA: the Phonebook and/or Facebook Connect)
  4. Built in Camera on Device for Avatar Personalization and User to User Communications
Given popularity of free, ad and micro-transaction supported of MMOGs these days, I'm eager to hear what people are building/funding right now in this space.

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  1. I've been in the radio and audio space for quite awhile and will probably be coming into the iPhone space quite quickly. The easy access to the GPS information from the phone gives us some interesting opportunities to match location to location information, especially as it relates to audio content on the net that was generally considered 'from the ether'.

    I've downloaded all the audio apps / radio apps. They are nice though there is always room to improve.

    I have another neat app I'm working on just to test some things (using GPS) but I might release it as others might find it useful.