Thursday, March 30, 2006

TWO Big Releases in ONE Day

Its a big day at the BubbleLabs today, we have 2 big product releases -- a desktop app and some brand new killer cool web features!

The uber-release includes such goodness as…

  • BubbleCaptions!
  • Brand new Desktop BubbleBar (Alpha): delivers your photos to your desktop in real time AND have access to your photos online AND offline by having a sync of all your received photos!
  • Improved Community: Now with VOTING and User Profile Page
  • AJAXy Transitions: cool new photo transitions!
  • Open-Open-Open (APIs): upload APIs now publically published, everything is RSS enabled, Apple iPod PhotoCast support, and even download all photoas a one big Zip file
  • Mobile Access: now you can (at LAST) upload photos directly from your cell phone!
  • Personal Profiles: Now you can display all your public photos to the world, here's mine

Here's my favorite album, created from my collection of photos from Mix06:


  1. Great stuff Albert. This is definitely pushing the envelope.

    Now to add some bubbles to my photos....oops...only have landscape shots.

  2. awesome job on BubbleBar, I've been waiting for this off-browser tool from you guys since CUTC :)

    I assume this what the '.NET C# developer' was wanted for? or is this just a teaser? =) very excited to see your new toys.