Friday, March 17, 2006

Attention Trust / SearchSIG

I'm sitting next to Mary here at the attention trust / search SIG, the first "non-direct work related" semi-personal interest even that I've atteded this month.

A lot of the discussions thats been happening has been aroudn tracking personal usage patterns and owership of that content.

What it all reminds me of is an HBS book "Net Gain: expanding markets though virtual commutnies" that I picked up in the late 90s around aggregated online communites and its impact on commerce.

All this talk around community, personal demographic data control, and commerical incentives really hits home as being surprising Web1.0 like.

I'm in the bay area for one more day... if anyone is intersting in getting together for dinner tommrow with me and a few other folks drop me a line here or via email.

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