Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Strange Couple of Days

So yesterday I ended up working till 4:30AM after being on a redeye flying from a panel with a number of really neat people along with Terry Matthew's (someone who sold last company for $7 billion more than me) the CATA Alliance Dinner.

Then I found myself invited to the board of CATA.

Then this morning a couple of people tell me I'm on the front page of Canadian Business Magazine with a really goofy photo and an article that I haven't even read yet.

Gotta run off the meeting now. Something tells me its going to be an interesting couple of days.

Oh yeah, I left Kaboose.

I never got around to posting that. Well, I guess everyone knows now since its in Canadian Business Magazine now so, yeah. More on that later, but its all good! =)

.. more to come.


  1. Nice! and congrats Albert. Looks like things are cooking for you again.

    let's do that lunch, when you have the breathing room.


  2. read the article, bravo =)

  3. Albert - Congrats on your cover article! For some reason I knew you wouldn't last long as an employee... ;)


  4. Hi Albert,

    We too read about you in Canadian Business, and would like to have you on our show tomorrow, Friday July 20th.

    If you are willing and available for a few minutes for anywhere from 4:30-5:30pm ET, then please contact me at 416 205 7855, or email me at

  5. hey albert, to tell u the truth it has nothing to do with your ideas, its actually your mindset, and drive, that will propell u into the upper echelons of canadian business, a winner is a winner regardless of what arena he competes in.

    i would love to get together an talk, personally,

    i do online ventures as well,

    these are just some of the companies we've started.

    .Com Mirza ( founder of CBB inc.)

  6. almost forgot, u can reach me

    one of the very first emails i created in 1999, and i still use it over my business emails.