Friday, February 24, 2006

Some quick pix of Stowe's meet up in Toronto

CLICK on the PHOTO to see in LARGE!

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Sorry about the crappy treo650 camera quality. =( If someone at Palm wants to send me at 700, please feel free. ;) Or umm.. the Nokia N90 would be nice too. =)


  1. Not sure whether to be hurt, disappointed, or secretly quite pleased that the audio doesn't extend to that dreadful shot of me :-)

  2. HAHA... Micahel, that was a mistake on my part... i dont know why I didn't add an audio caption on your picture. I guess i just accidentally skiped it.

  3. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet at the Stowe thing, Albert -- I got there late, and I don't think you were there when I arrived. But then, we've never actually met, so I suppose it's possible you were there and I didn't know :-) Anyway, maybe we'll get a chance to talk another time.


  4. I was there... but we'll catch up another time.

    Next time, look for the youngish looking asian guy wearing black, and looking like he's got way too much on his mind. =)

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