Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Going to CES? Need hotel room... or a bath tub to sleep in. UGH.

There's nothing left in the biggest hotel city in the world (and it looks like Doc and I are in the same boat about this one).

If anyone is going there and (a) has leads on bath tub for a striving CEO to sleep in, or (b) wants to meet up with me, please let drop me a line.

Back to looking for a way to find a place other than my car to sleep in from the 4th to the 8th.

Here's a bootstrap CEO friendly solutoin: If you're willing to drive 20 mins or so outside of Vegas, you can book a room with GoldStrike or their sister hotel (can't remember which one, but its smaller), in Jean, NV -- the website is totally FUBAR, so just call and speak to a human instead: 800-634-1359 -- best of all, its $30-$50 a night, vs. $300-$500 a night!

Thank me later. We're also going to try to setup a wiki shortly for people to meetup and find bunk mates and share CES tips... thank Vitaliy for taking the time out to help us CESers.


  1. Check out Can I, a wiki for bloggers to stay with other bloggers.

  2. always has the last minute stuff.

    I went to Jean one year, but the room wasn't non-smoking so I came back to Vegas. Jean really isn't that far away, and they always have rooms, so it seems