Tuesday, December 13, 2005

DemoCamp was SuperFun.

Expected about 12 people to show up (figured 50% would be no show from the list), and I think we had close to if not more than 30 people in our little BS (BubbleShare) "boardroom"

A big thank you to Michael Bodalski for bringing the projector to the event (saved me a long trip out of the office to pick one up from a friend), and thank you all for showing up and supporting the event and providing such great demos. Special thanks goes out the the good people at Idée for sponsoring some great chocolate snacks as well! =)

Yes, thats right, a tech startup without a projector, how's that for being a cheap...er... frugal, bootstrapped web2.0 company for you.

This was done one month or less after TorCamp. Clearly we need more of these "unconferences."

Leila from Idée has a great blog here that summerizes what happend.

If you're on the DemoCamp/TorCamp mailing list, you'll be able to get access to a link that allows you to add pictures and captions in author mode. Otherwise, email me for the link and I'll be happy to provide.

So... Anyone up for another industry first: PokerCamp? (Friendly .25/.50 no-limit games? )

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