Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why the iPad will Win

[Types yesterday originally as an internal email]

$500 bucks a pop isn't going to make apple a ton of money on the iPad on margins.

But they are buying themselves into ubiquity via volume production and critical mass for media consumption on the device.

The app store is going to make them more money than the device itself -- easy.

I've been tracking the usage patterns of a few friends with Kindle.  Microtransactions on these devices are crazy impulsive and lucrative.

The print/newsprint folks are going to be all over this as their digital content delivery savior. 

The text book companies are going to see this as another interesting value add platform for schools.

The other reason the iPad will win is because its the ultimate gaming device.  Hands down.  Digital software delivery + Multi-touch + massive screen compared to the Nintendo DS + "subsidized" by productive uses of the device = a DS and PSP killer.

Pricing this thing at $500 bucks right out of the gates was the killer move.  Establishing ubiquity and a price point that the PC knockoffs can't really compete too much on a price basis brilliant.  IMHO: network effects and custom apps for this new form factor is the key to winning and creating a brand new category of usage and demand.

This is as important as the iPhone.  What the iPhone did to cell phones, is what the iPad will do for print, games and media consumption.

Steve Jobs just pwned Kindle, Nintendo DS, and any/all tablet PCs.

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  1. You are obviously not a gamer, this is in no way competing with the DS =)

  2. You are obviously not a game designer, there's no way game designers can do the revolutionary things that the iPad can do with the DS. :)

    (half joking about this, seriously, the DS is awesome -- but there's going to be some amazing things people will build for a device like the iPad with big-multi-touch interactions)

  3. Hey what about the fact that the iPad has no camera (and no flash)? A lot of people have said that it is big omission.

  4. Agreed that the iPad is going to be great for gamees. Especially game types that we haven't seen as much on mobile yet: board games, multiperson games on the same device. Also, realtime strategy or other "top-down" games that could benefit from more pixels and screen realestate found on an ipod touch.

    Of course Microsoft has a killer platform for these games as well, too bad their surface is a $10,000 device. What are they thinking?

  5. @K there's a camera in your phone. its not a big deal. webcam on the other hand, i wish it had one. but the kindle does't have one either.

    @thomas: i agree -- people haven't seen some of the stuff that has been prototyped in labs -- I've had the benefit of seeing some awesome work at GDC in Asia and talking to some former MS Surface designers... there is a ton of cool R&D in multi-touch game interfaces. We haven't seen anything close to the possibites. The DS games don't have anything close to the stuff that I've seen prototyped that can exist on things like the iPad.

  6. My first reaction to the IPad is it is TOO BIG AND CLUMSY. It will need to be put in a brief case or a large purse. I hope they have done extensive market research because this does not seem to be a good idea. I will be surprised if this is a big seller.