Friday, September 04, 2009

Lists of Lists of Startup Resources

I’m republishing this here as I was worried about the reliablity of the original source here.

I hope Dr. Jager (a founder of BytePlay, Seedcamp Mentor, and Founding Investor of Playfire) doesn’t mind me repeating/creating redundancy of the content here.   He has compiled an incredible list of great resources that I’m sure many of my readers here will find interesting.

Another useful list of resources is posted here at StartUpNorth by David Crow.

Republished from: Dr Douglas de Jager’s bookmarks:


Market size

The only thing that matters: market size

Long tail: the hits get bigger

Overviews of different verticals by the Internet Advertising Bureau

Morgan Stanley's market research

Customer Development

The leading cause of startup death: the product development diagram

The customer development manifestor: reasons for the revolution. Part 1.

The customer development manifestor: reasons for the revolution. Part 2.

Customer development: the long lost formula for startup success

Acquiring traffic; seeking and maintaining critical mass

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Understanding online marketing.

What's your viral loop? Understanding the engine of adoption.

Viral loop and retention loop.

Modeling viral loops

Viral marketing is not a marketing strategy

Engagement loops: beyond viral

Viral expansion loop.

FaceBook app case study

Calculating cost of user acquisition

Social network marketing

10 obvious strategies to ruthlessly acquire users

Growing renewable audiences

User retention curves

CPA versus CPM

3 Drivers of growth for your business.

Six strategies for overcoming chicken-and-egg problems

Converting traffic into paying customers

How to measure the success of your web app

Tips for improving high-bounce, low-conversion Web pages

Ad-based versus direct monetization

How to create a profitable freemium startup

Understanding freemium

A simple formula to gauge a freemium model's success

5 factors that determine your advertising CPM rates

5 things that make your social network monetize like crap

Your ad-supported web2.0 site is actually a b2b enterprise in disguise

Ad targeting

How to price

Startup Tips for Enterprise Software Pricing

Branding; image; PR

Branding lessons from Basecamp

You're a little company. Now act like one.

Why metrics-driven startups overlook brand value

PR guide for startups

User interface. Engagement and product design

Top 10 user interface myths

25 Reasons users stop using your product

Do you ever say that MySpace is so ugly?

Why FaceBook apps are focused on fun instead of utility

How Metcalfe's law can work against you

Desktop app versus Web app


Essential algorithms: genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, etc

How to build a popularity algorithm

Statistical ML explained

Metrics-driven business

Does AB testing lead to crappy products?

Benefit-driven metrics: measure the lives you save, not the life preservers you sell

The first 6 steps to home-growing basic startup analytics

Are you misusing Alexa numbers?

I'm just a startup. I can't do those fancy analytics.

How to measure if users love your product

Case studies

Web app biopsies

The underbelly of a web app

5 lessons learned from

AdultFriendFinder: ARPU, churn and conversion rates

Gambit: funnel metrics

What would FaceBook look like if it sold out to ads?

Whirl: metrics for virtual goods businesses

FaceBook vs MySpace: traffic and ad revenue/a>

Lessons from the casino industry on engagement metrics and lifetime value

How companies like Google, Ideo and 37Signals build failure-tolerant systems

Google's Key Success Factors

Everything you always wanted to know about Google

Platform versus application: considering FaceBook

Lesson from SnapTalent: Know Your Market

Rentoid: overcoming the chicken-and-egg problem


How to hire


How to fund a startup

But I don't know any VCs

Elevator Pitch

When VCs say, "No"

The truth about VCs. Part 1

The truth about VCs. Part 2

The truth about VCs. Part 3

Venture Hacks: Cheat Sheet

Series-A Termsheet as advised by YCombinator

Series-A Termsheet as advised by TheFunded

5 milestones to reach before raising venture capital

Ramen profitability

Angel investing

Understanding investors

Don't shop your termsheet

Venture capital firms care about the upside case, not the mean

Pitching the VC partnership

Founder returns

Managing one's own time

Guide to personal productivity

News / Views

Hacker News - YCombinator

Andrew Chen


Read Write Web

Radar O'Reilly




John Battelle

Matt Cutts: Google, Gadgets, SEO

Neuroscience Marketing



The Accelerator Group (TAG)

Local Globe

Seed Camp

Saul Klein's bookmarks

Fred Destin


Fred Wilson


Venture Beat


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